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Are you taking too many supplements or not enough?




Welcome to my Web Site, please feel free to contact me with any questions.    I offer nutritional educational consultations, hair analysis and hormone testing.

Are you taking Too Many Supplements or Not enough?  

Is it time for a nutritional " tune up"?

Toxins are being found in our food, air and water.  Arsenic in apple juice and rice, mercury in fish and in the air.  Hormones are starting to accumulate in our water leading to more disease and even bone loss.  Hypertension, Digestive Disorders, Low Energy, Fatigue, Muscle Cramping, Sluggish Bowels, Mood Changes, Memory Changes, Headaches, Low Libido.  Toxins, Stress and  a Hormone Imbalance can lead to poor health.

You need  a plan to address these issues at a nutritional level.

1.  Have a hair analysis done to measure heavy metals and minerals.

2.  Have a hormone test done to measure stress levels and basic hormone levels.

3. Make the proper changes to your supplement program to balance out and help clean up your body.

4. Make lifestyle changes to continue with good health.

Healthy Lifestyle Nutritional Testing can provide the test needed to start this process.  

Have a hair analysis done first to address absorption, vitamins, minerals and toxins.   

Just call 703-623-3368 and we will send you a hair collection kit at no charge.  Fill out the information sheets, collect the hair ( no hair color for 4 weeks), and send back with payment.  We will contact you with any questions.  The results take about 10 days and will include the results ( about 10-20 pages worth of information including typing your metabolism and food choices). We will also review the report and provide additional information including nutritional suggestions.

Hormone testing is done to look for high levels of hormones that can come from an outside source such as food air or  water.  Stress hormones can be addressed to help with adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. Neurotransmitters can be measured and addressed as needed.  These test are usually done after a hair analysis and nutritional changes are made.

Please call Bob James at 703-623-3368 with any questions or concerns.

Please remember that I am not a medical doctor and will not diagnose, prescribe, treat or make any claims to cure.  I provide test for personal education on Nutrition only.  

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  • Healthy Lifestyle Nutritional Testing LLC was established to provide holistic practitioners,  chiropractors and health food stores a nutritional testing agency that can provide its concerned patients (clients) with optimal health and well-being through consultation. Healthy Lifestyle Nutritional Testing does not sell nutritional supplements but will provide nutritional suggestions.

    Easy to use "at home" nutritional testing kits are also available to test for various toxins, hormones, minerals, food intolerance and parasites. These kits are available in all states other than NY. Please  call 703-623-3368 to order any saliva or hair kits available.

    Please feel free to contact Bob James for additional information or concerns. 703-623-3368